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Mile High Medicals
Mile High Medicals
Mile High Medicals
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Listing Name Mile High Medicals
Listing Address 4095 Jackson Street
City Denver
State CO
Zip Code 80216
Phone Number 303-955-5413
Hours of Operation Monday - Saturday 11:00 to 7:00pm & Sunday Noon to 4:20pm
E-Mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Delivery No
Menu Blue Cheese
Super Skunk
Hawaiian Maui
N.Y. Special
Triple Berry Dew
Durban Poison
Island Sweet Skunk
Grape Krush
Cinderella 99
Hawaiian (Haze/Saliva/Snow?)
G-13 x Lemon Skunk
AK-47 x Blueberry (95/5)
Grand Daddy Purple
Purple Voodoo
Purple Rhino
Cat Piss
Black Velvet
Bubble Berry
Bubble Gum
Buddha's Sister
Shiska Berry
Jah OG Kush
Northern Lights Sensi Star
Afghan Mistic Crystal F-1 Indica
Afghan Mistic Crystal F-4 Sativa
Chem. Dog Sour Diesel
Head Band Kush F-1
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Mile High Medicals is the only facility in the City and County of Denver that grows 100% of its product on site.  This allows us the ability to adhere to the strictest levels of quality standards from seed/clone to the finished product.  We pride ourselves in providing fully flushed cannabis for smooth draws and properly cured with extraordinarily high THC levels.  Our strains are plentiful with extremely rare varieties as well as the common ones with a twist - we will directly compare our finished products with any growers’ products.


If you’re looking for the highest THC levels, best smelling, best looking, best tasting, hand manicured marijuana that money can buy, come to MIle High Medicals at:

4095 Jackson Street

Denver, CO 80216



We are signing up new patients everyday - Doctor Consultations on Saturday 12:30 to 3:30 - $75.


Wholesale Prices!!

No 1/8s more than $50

No Ounces more than $250

No QP more than $900

No Pounds more than $3200


Visa - Master Card - American Express

Simply Awesome

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